Protection your CDL and Your Career

For professional drivers in New York and throughout the U.S. (those with CDLs and other special driving privileges), a traffic ticket, even a minor citation, can have serious consequences. More than just a fine or a few points added to your license, pleading guilty to a traffic violation could result in the loss or suspension of your CDL, and subsequently, the loss of your job.
I am Mark A. Fluery., and I have been representing drivers in New York — including commercial drivers, cross-country truck drivers and others with professional licenses — for 20 years.
If you have been cited for speeding, OVI/DUI, exceeding weight violations on specified roads or highways or other violations, it’s important to obtain representation from a lawyer who knows the local laws, the courts and how they factor into the specifics of your case.
Even not-so-serious traffic offenses can earn points on the license. Drivers who earn more than 18 points in 2 years will have their license suspended. Points accrued driving a personal vehicle also count toward a CDL driver’s total, so it is important to be cautious whenever on the road.
Some offenses, if convicted, lead to a lifetime license disqualification, meaning drivers would have to hang up their livelihood. These include:
• Operating a commercial vehicle under the influence of either drugs or alcohol
• Refusing a breathalyzer test
• Leaving a scene of an accident in which the driver was involved
• Committing a felony while driving a commercial motor vehicle
• Driving a commercial vehicle under a suspended or revoked CDL
For less serious violations, a CDL might be suspended for a certain period of time. Some violations may also lead to a fine or a ticket.
It is important to maintain all required documentation and permits to avoid problems with your commercial license. Once the authorities suspend or revoke a CDL, there is no conditional license available to allow you to keep driving for work.
However, it is possible to fight traffic tickets and CDL violations to maintain a clean record and provide for your family. You may want to have a lawyer help you through the process, because you may be facing criminal charges as well as administrative charges to keep your license. Something as simple as a speeding ticket could also find you out of a job or prevent you from receiving your CDL. You should look into fighting a ticket to find the best possible outcome.
Whether you live and work in New York or elsewhere, I encourage you to reach out to me and learn how I can help your case. By working together, we can mitigate the consequences, pursue a dismissal or at the very least a reduction of the charges and take meaningful steps toward protecting your CDL privileges.
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