Client Testimonial

Mark Fluery has a success rate of over 95% of cases handled.
“Success means zero points on a client’s driving record.”


Patty Girard

Mark is dedicated to his clients and is willing to go the extra mile to fight for what is right, whether your legal issue involves a minor traffic infraction or something more serious. Mark will do his best to make sure justice is served.


Jay R Carpinello

met Mark about 5 years ago when I called him regarding a speeding ticket. He told me that he was pretty sure that he could get it reduced, how much it would likely cost, and that I probably wouldn’t have to show up to court in person. He was correct on all three estimates.From that day on, he has aided me with any legal questions or issues I have had. He has advised me on potential lawsuits and traffic violations.I think the most important thing you should know about Mark is that you will probably like him. He’s pretty easy to get along with, and I think that is a major factor in building trust in an attorney/client relationship.To make a long story short, if you’re looking for an attorney who you will actually enjoy dealing with and will serve you to the best of his ability at all times, look no further.



I had received traffic tickets in two different courts about two years ago. Last year a friend of mine recommended that I call Mr. Fluery and hire him to handle these matters so I could lift the suspensions and regain my license. Mr. Fluery was very professional and non-judgemental and explained to me what could happen to me and what he thought would happen to me when I went to court. In fact, in both courts, he did even better than he had indicated he thought he could. One of the tickets involved a cell phone and resulted in no points being assessed on my license.


Public Transportation Driver

I heard about mark on the radio and decided to call. I met with him the same day. With my situation he explained in english the worst and best senerio. My court date was a week away. When I told him I was suspended from work until my court date he made a phone call was able to go to court on my behalf that night and took care of my problem. Just like that. Easy 1 2 3. He went to bat for me and the outcome was totally in my favor. Mark is very down to earth and just lets you know it will be ok.

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