Prior Guilty Pleas or Convictions

Many people represent themselves or in some cases retain an attorney who does not fully explain the consequences of a guilty plea and how that person will be affected, either legally or civilly. When this occurs the results can be devastating to the individual affected. For example, a person on probation such as a new driver or one with a conditional license must be careful not to plead to any infraction that can be deemed a moving violation.
This often occurs in the context of a person charged with a seat belt violation. While the act has nothing to do with the operation of the motor vehicle, the vehicle must be moving on a public highway in order for the violation to occur. Many people enter pleas of guilty to the violation, only to discover that their licenses are suspended as a result of their plea.

Mark Fluery can file a motion with the court to vacate your plea, and can usually get your license reinstated and the matter suitably disposed of in that court. While the most cost effective strategy is to retain Mark for representation before you enter a plea to any charge, you may find yourself in this dilemma. In either case, contact Mark Fluery for a free consultation.