Traffic Lawyer Services

Traffic Lawyer in New York


Mark A. Fluery is a dedicated lawyer in New York who has provided traffic lawyer services in NY for over 20 years.

Learn About His Services

Mark focuses his services on traffic violations. His work as a traffic lawyer includes helping clients with:

  • Alcohol- and drug-related violations (DWI, DWAI, BWI, and SWI)
  • Speeding tickets
  • Failure to show due care violations
  • Cell phone use tickets
  • Threatened commercial driving license (CDL)


Mark is committed to helping all his clients receive the best possible resolution of their traffic violations. Mark can help resolve any ticket or violation that you get while in New York.

Understand the Benefits

In Mark’s years working as a traffic lawyer in NY, he has achieved a 95% success rate. Mark’s success is rooted in the care he has for his clients. Mark is committed to his clients and does whatever he can to help them. Mark shows this commitment by charging a flat fee regardless of how many times he has to return to court.

Mark even works with clients from out of state who received a traffic violation while in New York. His clients love his friendly and approachable demeanor and that they don’t need to appear in court. Mark is dedicated to keeping points off his clients’ licenses.

Appreciate Mark’s Uniqueness

Mark is uniquely situated to address traffic violations in NY. Prior to practicing law, Mark was a champion race car driver. In 2010, he was inducted into the legendary Lebanon Valley Speedway Hall of Fame. He raced at over 50 racetracks from Quebec to Tampa, FL. Mark may not drive fast cars anymore, but he maintains that speed of response in working with clients.

When you find yourself with a traffic violation in NY, contact traffic attorney Mark A. Fluery at 518-477-2269 or on his online form.