Why Should You Hire a Traffic Attorney to Handle Your New York Traffic Ticket


For some people, the answer to the above question can be answered in one word: TIME. If you are person with a job, family and other responsibilities, you simply may not have the time to attend at least two court appearances and in some courts, spend hours at each appearance.If you are a person with a good job that pays you well, it will probably cost you more money to handle the ticket yourself, regardless of the eventual outcome.  For others, the answer is another word: FORGETFULNESS.

 And, if you should happen to forget about the ticket or a court appearance, you could be charged with the crime of Aggravated Unlicensed Operation of a Motor Vehicle pursuant to New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law Section 511, after the court reports your failure to appear to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

  In that event, in most cases, you will need an attorney. But the Court will appoint one for you if you cannot afford one. However, it will still cost you $70.00 per ticket just to re-instate your license, in addition to the attorney fees, fines and surcharges that you ultimately pay to take care of the matter.

  Ultimately, the main reason to hire a traffic attorney is because the unfavorable consequences than can result from a traffic ticket are far more serious than in the past. Fines and surcharges have increased significantly.

 Judges, who are employed by increasingly cash strapped municipalities, are facing increasing pressure to set high fines from their employers, and fines have increased significantly in the past few years. Further, with the State of New York facing its own financial problems, the State has also turned to the Courts to deal with budget shortfalls and other financial woes by increasing the surcharges on almost all traffic matters, in addition to criminal matters, in order to raise revenue to cover budget shortfalls.

  Not to be overlooked, the, insurance companies have always been looking for any excuse to raise your rates, and almost any moving violation will usually result in a significant rate increase for the driver receiving the ticket. Finally, in a very recent development, the Department of Motor Vehicle can now use prior traffic infractions as a factor in revoking a driver’s license forever, without warning, under some circumstances, by implementing ex post facto regulations that change the effect of pleas made for up to 25 years after the date of the entry of a motorists plea in Court. With so much now at stake in traffic matters within New York State, the question ticketed motorists should be asking themselves after being issued a traffic ticket should be: WHY SHOULDN’T I HIRE A TRAFFIC ATTORNEY TO HANDLE MY NY TRAFFIC TICKET?

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    The miranda thing actually happened to me. Last year I let a friend of mine borrow my car. He drove into the next county, crashed into a guardrail and left the car to call me. I called a co-worker to pick me up and meet a tow truck at the scene. I went up to the main road to wait for my ride. A few minute later a police car went by, locked up his brakes and come back to where I was sitting alongside the road. A police officer jumped out, asked who I was, if I had been drinking and where my car was. When I told him, he placed me under arrest and took me to the police station. He did not read me my Miranda rights until I was about to blow into a machine. I blew over the limit, but my lawyer had it thrown out of court because I was not read my rights in time.kole kole

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