Cost of a Traffic Attorney

As a matter of legal ethics, I do not like to quote to you the cost of retaianing legal defence for a traffic ticket. This is mainly because there can be special considerations I am not aware of, that may lower or increase a standard price. I do charge a flat fee which means I will appear in court as many times as it takes to accomplish our desired goal. I do like to ask, “as a victim of a traffic ticket, can you afford the cost of not hiring legal counsel to protect your best interests”. I am referring to future effects of points on your license, resulting insurance costs, time taken to go to court, stress of attending to the matter, and all of these in addition to the fines and court fees.
I like to take the time to determine whether your traffic ticket warrents the services of an attorney. You may first wish to refer to one of my blog posts,”Why Should I Hire a Traffic Attorney to Handle My New York Traffic Ticket?”. and please fill out the form you see below so I can get back to you within 24 hours. From there, together we will decide what is best for you. And please browse my site for information on New york State Penalties.